brad bunkers

521 East Peach Street, Ste. D
Bozeman, MT 57715

t: 406-214-3808

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Brad Bunkers, a Bozeman Montana artist and designer, has forged a distinct visual language grounded in intrigue. His unusual sense for the mysterious combined with his playful interpretations of ordinary subjects produce a shadowy tension on the canvas.

"These paintings can seem rough around the edges, maybe even a little reckless, but they are always emotive. Moreover, the subject matter is reminiscent of great American short fiction."

"Bunkers is haunted by difficult beauty, with finding it and depicting it. Rescuing the mundane is a poet’s notion; Bunkers is a painter with a poet’s sensibilities."

"This work evokes so much emotion it is hard not to feel like you have witnessed these scenes before. They are subtle and familiar. I hear all kinds of music when I look at his pieces. Each one seems to have its own soundtrack."

"Painting by painting, Bunkers is carving out a very unique promontory for himself. He is equally devoted to craft and experimentation; he is a painter constantly challenging himself, challenging his form."

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